Global earthquake activity since 1973 and nuclear power plant locations


Global earthquake activity since 1973 and nuclear power plant locations

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Some Long term views on Linked In and while we are taking Linked In, huge congrats to Reid and his team, I know a lot of linked In peeps and they deserve a huge high five today….And who won the Skype deal?

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gawkerverse: foodgawker iPhone App


iPhone App Latest Screen

We are pleased to announce the release of our first iPhone app. The app is the mobile companion to foodgawker and has the following features…

- VISUALLY BROWSE food photos by latest submissions, popular posts (most clicked/most favorited), category or your marked favorites.

XD: Stacks Overlays

Update #3: The link for the original icons has changed again. Grab them here. (Thanks Tim)

Update #2: The original links for the icons are down, so grab them at the new link here.

Update: Apparently the drawer icon zip files have now been updated to be pre-modified by touch, so all you…

Brian K Balfour: Core Peer Groups: How I Found a Co-Founder, Built a Prototype, and Raised $5M in Less Than 4 Weeks


The $5M Keg

In 2007 I was 23 years old, working full time as a product manager at ZoomInfo while moonlighting on a number of entrepreneurial side projects. I had previously started a few companies with angel funding and a couple small exits, but certainly nothing of scale. In a whirlwind of a…

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SimpleBits: CSS3 For Web Designers


For the fourth time in my life, I’ve written a book. It’s titled, CSS3 For Web Designers and it’s available today in paperback and ebook formats from A Book Apart. I couldn’t be more excited, seeing this little green thing launch after months of planning, writing, editing, fretting. I…

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Nilay Patel: Amazon Cloud Player and how bandwidth killed the copyright star


If you’re reading this you probably don’t need much background on Amazon Cloud Player — suffice it to say that Amazon launched a new “freemium” cloud storage service that’s tied into their music store. You get 5GB of online storage for free and 20GB if you buy an MP3 album from Amazon, and…


cut the bs.

a brussels sprout slaw.


We tell you how to: sculpt butter, get into voiceover work, and look really smart on your next trip to Gettysburg. With special guest Andrew Rannells from “The Book of Mormon”!